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La Tale

La Tale


“La Tale,” a tale full of excitement and surprises!


Navy Field 2


Get into the historical naval battles of the World War
I & II


Football Legend


Now the legend of football returns to the field

Blitz 2

Blitz 2

Action, Strategy

Use your favorite tanks and test your skills with Blitz II




Head out to the cartoon-style battlefield to save the Micro World!

Love Beat, Rhythm Action

Love Beat

Rhythm Action

Lovebeat! A fantastic dancing & dating game

Masters Of Alliance, Tactical Squad Action AOS

Masters Of Alliance

Tactical Squad Action AOS

Fierce Battles of Cute Masters

Divine Souls, Action RPG&MOBA

Divine Souls


Divine Souls is a stunning, free-to-play, Action MOBA

Tactical Intervention

Tactical Intervention

FPS Action

'Tactical Intervention.' The instinct of team play! Strategic FPS game

Other New Games

Elsword India

Elsword India

Action RPG

Play your anime! Unleash yourself at Elsword India.




Rule the street with your Basketball Crew!




Team up and play. That's Real Football!

12sky2 Taiwan

12sky2 Taiwan


Now among Taiwan games, real adventures you are looking for is here

new games coming soon

Coming Soon!


[EVENT] La Tale is celebrating the big update with 3 new events!

DATE : 07-01-2014 ~ 08-12-2014

Hello GnG Users,


La Tale is celebrating the big update with 3 new exciting events! 

Event Title: Treasure Hunt!

Event Period: July 1st - August 12, 2014.

Contents: La Tale is here for a new kind of Treasure Hunt! Sick of the old way of treasure hunting?

La Tale GSP is waiting for those adventurers with various treasures!

To find the treasure, you need to look for the Golden Key! The starting village of La Tale,

and Iris’ hometown, come to Belos!

There is a rumor that Rohan in Belos has found some rare treasures!

But the thing is… These treasures are inside golden boxes and you need a key to open them!

You can find the keys from hunting monsters or by completing random quests. Let’s go treasure hunting!

(You can use Rohan’s (from Belos) illustration if you are going to make an image about this event)

For reference, we have done this event in Korea. URL:


Event Title: Bonus Cash with La Tale

Event Period: July 1st - July 31st, 2014

When purchased through: MOL, Cherry Credit, Paypal.

[$10 purchase] additional 5% cash

[$20 purchase] additional 10% cash

[$30 purchase or more] additional 15% cash


Event Title: Survey Event

Event Period: July 1st - July 31st, 2014

Do a quick survey at and earn a reward!

Reward: Dragon Poe (7days)

Effect: Speed increased by 50%. Horizontal rope speed increased by 100. Vertical rope speed increased by 100.

Thank you for your patience and enjoy La Tale!

Play now! ->

~GnG Team


[EVENT] [La Tale] Grand Opening Event

DATE : 05-29-2014 ~ 07-07-2014

1. New Recruit Event

 1) Event period: May 29th ~ July 7th

 2) A gift for all adventurers exploring Xiendia,

  all new users will receive 4 items required for the journey of their lives.

  - 4 Items: Priring Cloak, Hero's Eye Patch, King Goblin Horned Helm, Eager Adventurer Title Guidebook

2. Attendance Event

 1) Event period: May 29th ~ July 7th

 2) Receive 1x Rainbow Moon Piece and 1x Rainbow Moon Spirit by logging-in for 30 minutes daily.

  - You can trade in Rainbow Moon Pieces to the NPC for a special prize.

  - You can receive a random reward after using the Rainbow Moon Spirit.

  - You can trade in event items for rewards at NPC Treo in the GM Event Map located in Belos and Elias.

 3) Various rewards will be given throughout Monday ~ Sunday.

  - A series of rewards will be given for users who log-in for 3 days, 5 days or 7 days during the event. The longer you've logged-in, the more items you'll get!

  - Event items will be distributed during the maintenance period of the following week through the gift package system.

3. New Adventurer Event

 1) Event period: May 29th ~ June 30th.

  Lucky draw period: July 1st ~ 8th.

  Winner announcement: July 9th.

  Reward distribution: July 9th ~ 11th.

 2) 10 players that achieve Lv. 20 during May 29th ~ June 30th will be entered into a draw for exclusive Storm Items.

  - Storm Items are permanent and do not have time limitations.

4. Spread the Tale

 1) Event period: May 29th ~ June 30th.

  Lucky draw period: July 1st ~ 8th.

  Winner announcement: July 9th.

  Reward distribution: July 9th ~ 11th.

 2) 50 players that like, share and tag 3 friends in the comment section of the official Facebook page will be entered into a draw for a 30 Day Fires Costume Set.

  - 30 Day Fires Costume Set can be bought through the Fashion Shop and is valid for 30 days.

5. Heroes of the Tale

 1) Event period: May 29th ~ June 30th.

  Winner announcement: July 9th.

  Reward distribution: July 9th ~ 11th.

 2) Top 10 highest leveled characters will receive a Pet Priring.

  - Pet Priring is only valid for 30 days from the first day of opening the gift. If it’s left unopened, it will disappear after 30 days. is a free Korean online game service provided by the Korea Creative Contents Agency (KOCCA). A one-stop portal to the latest beta Korea online games and related information, is a free online gaming portal to try various online games, such as Korean mmorpg, first person shooters, rpg, simulations, sports and other online games. While successfully commercialized in the Korean market, all of our games are serviced exclusively by in worldwide as fully functioning beta products.