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Love Beat, Rhythm Action

Love Beat

Rhythm Action

Lovebeat! A fantastic dancing & dating game

Divine Souls, Action RPG&MOBA

Divine Souls


Divine Souls is a stunning, free-to-play, Action MOBA

Ocean Fishing, MMO Fishing

Ocean Fishing

MMO Fishing

Online fishing game by the blue ocean waves!

Soul Collector, Trading Card Battle Game

Soul Collector

Trading Card Battle Game

Seize the victory with your own cards and stratagies!

Masters Of Alliance, Tactical Squad Action AOS

Masters Of Alliance

Tactical Squad Action AOS

Fierce Battles of Cute Masters

City Racer, Racing RPG

City Racer

Racing RPG

City Racer is the world’s first racing RPG

Dungeon Fantasy, MMORPG

Dungeon Fantasy


World's first multi-platform MMORPG

Style City, Social Network Game

Style City

Social Network Game

Manage Your Own Cute Hair Salon

New GnG games are coming Spring 2014

Coming Soon!

New GnG games are coming. Stay tuned for their release dates and get ready for action!

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