La Tale

La Tale


“La Tale,” a tale full of excitement and surprises!


Navy Field 2


Get into the historical naval battles of the World War
I & II


Football Legend


Now the legend of football returns to the field

Blitz 2

Blitz 2

Action, Strategy

Use your favorite tanks and test your skills with Blitz II




Head out to the cartoon-style battlefield to save the Micro World!

Love Beat, Rhythm Action

Love Beat

Rhythm Action

Lovebeat! A fantastic dancing & dating game

Masters Of Alliance, Tactical Squad Action AOS

Masters Of Alliance

Tactical Squad Action AOS

Fierce Battles of Cute Masters

Divine Souls, Action RPG&MOBA

Divine Souls


Divine Souls is a stunning, free-to-play, Action MOBA

Tactical Intervention

Tactical Intervention

FPS Action

'Tactical Intervention.' The instinct of team play! Strategic FPS game

Other New Games

Elsword India

Elsword India

Action RPG

Play your anime! Unleash yourself at Elsword India.




Rule the street with your Basketball Crew!




Team up and play. That's Real Football!

12sky2 Taiwan

12sky2 Taiwan


Now among Taiwan games, real adventures you are looking for is here

new games coming soon

Coming Soon!


[EVENT] [Latale] Halloween event!

DATE : 10-14-2014 ~ 11-24-2014

Happy October with La Tale!
As October is the month for Halloween, La Tale has prepared AMAZING events for all of you!

1) Event Title: 1+1 Character Events
Event Period: October 14 – November 11, 2014
Are you more than Level 50 Then get a very special potion to level up your new character to 100!!!!
You can go to Gema in Belos City – Toma’s Event and get the potion! Put that in the Bank (through the Bank NPC) and use it to a lv 2 character.
NOTE: Can only be used with Lv. 2 characters! (Right after Tutorial completion)

2) Event Title: Get Halloween Fashion Items!
Event Period: October 14 – November 4, 2014
Get new fashion items every week for one month! The fashion items will be sent to the Gift Bundle!
For first and second week, Halloween costumes will be given, and for the other two weeks, regular costumes will be given! Find out what costumes you’ll get!!!
NOTE: all users will receive the same costumes (two different costumes)

3) Event Title: Halloween celebrations with fashion costumes!
Event Period: October 14 – November 24
How to participate: Take a screenshot of your character wearing the fashion costumes you received from the Gift Bundle in Facebook or Forum!
Where to post (forum): – “Halloween celebrations with fashion costumes!” board.
Reward: Skull Pet Coupon!!!!

4) Event Title: Burning Event (EXP 300%)
Event Period: October 14 – November 11, 2014
La Tale is having EXP buffs 300%!!! This buff applies to all users in all channels!
NOTE: this buff is not shown in the status, or any other window, but the buff will apply during this period, and it will be constantly notified through the in-game announcement.

5) Event Title: Chat with GMs!
Event Period: Thursday, Oct. 16 4PM (KST or GMT+9) / 2PM (Vietnam, Thailand, Jakarta (Indonesia) GMT+7) / 3PM (Singapore GMT+8)
How to participate: Come to Elias and find the GMs! Take a screenshot of your character and one of the GMs and post them in the forum or facebook with your GNG account!
Where to Post in the forum : - “Chat with GMs screenshot” board.
Reward: Warp Crystal

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