Regional Finals of the GNGWC are taking place in historic cities around the world.

Cologne Gamescom2011 (for the Europe region) ??August.18.
LA, Howie's Game Shack (for the North Americas region) - September.17.
Bangkok Central Center Cyberia Hall(for the Thailand) ??October.8.
Suwon (for the Korea) - October.29.
They will commence following preliminary continent matches played around the world simultaneously online. Those selected winners after Regional Finals will be invited to dynamic Korea, the central hub of online games, to participate in The Grand Finals on 13th November 2011. The winner of this year's dramatic tournament will be honored as the world's best gamer!

Even though the GNGWC will be held at a central venue, it will be a grand festival open to game fans from all over the world. And, given the planned festivities, the annual GNGWC is expected to draw a large and diverse international crowd.

With overwhelming interest and participation, it is time to open the doors to ?GNGWC 2011??
the world online game festival!
Join us with Game&Game World Championship 2011!