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Patch notes of April 18th, 2017

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  • Patch notes of April 18th, 2017

    Patch notes of April 18th, 201704:37:19 PM (GMT + 07 :00) 04.18.2017
    PATCH NOTES / 20170418

    ● Renewal of All boss monsters
    - Boss monsters in the following continents will have Elemental attack and resistance.
    Original attack and defense of all monsters were nerfed. Instead, Element attack and Element resist were added.

    Having Element attack on your equipment, avatars,or pet by following diagram will be more effective in PVE and PVP. (e.g. Fire element deals more damage on climate resist)

    - Murky, Faded, Fractal, Shiny Gemstones will be added on boss monsters drop list.
    While having to kill Bosses, not everyone aims for their Tokens. Therefore, we decided to add something that might help other players a little.
    ☞ Each boss monsters will drop Gemstones by its level.

    - Renewed item list of Hero equipment disassembly from boss drop
    ☞ You are now able to obtain Gemstones from dissembling Hero drops from Bosses.
    ☞ Gemstone's grade depends on the level of each Hero equipment.

    ● Element sowel's stats will be increased.
    - The chance of getting higher value on your sowel plus additional element attack will be increased.

    ● New premium item
    - New Element Avatars (LG-Water, Hero-Dark/Light)
    - Old avatar packages will be removed from Avatar Gachas.

    ● Removing Comeback User packages (for all level) from DB.

    ● Icon image of Boosters and Packages will be changed.

    ● Happy time event (for 1 month)
    Monday - Friday EXP x2 Drop rate x2
    08:00~10:00 AM/PM

    Saturday, Sunday EXP x3 Drop rate x3 Gold x2
    08:00~11:00 AM/PM