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Patch notes for June 13th, 2017

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  • Patch notes for June 13th, 2017

    Dear AG players,
    Today's maintenance was ended at 18:30 (GMT+9). All sever are up, every one can login the game now.

    1. Event closing
    1) GO or Stop event is ending.
    -> Every event items related with Go or Stop event will be removed from DB.
    -> Event items in 1+1 limited sales packages, BOGO packages, and Random box will be removed from the package.
    -> Event shop items will be removed. (special tab)
    2) Monthly, Weekly, Daily 1+1 Packages as well as BOGO sale will end.

    2. New Event: ASDA Pentathlon
    ->This event is yet to be the best! From great premium giveaways to many new titles.
    -> Please refer to the event's page for more details[Click].

    3. Limited Packages: LevelUp & Starter
    The count for these two packages will reset.

    4. New Random box
    9 new Random Boxes will be added and 3 Rune Boosters.

    5. Increasing Cooldown time of Revival scrolls.
    Cooldown time of Revival scrolls will be 20 seconds.

    6. Grandmaster and Fashionista title will be added.

    7. Gacha Mileage System
    1) New Gacha Mileage system will be added. Earn Mileage points from consuming Gems on Gacha!
    -> There are up to 3 levels depending on the amount of your accumulated Mileage points. You will get rewards when your points reach certain levels.
    -> The rewards will be delivered to your premium mail box.
    -> Mileage points will be accumulated until you get the highest-Tier reward, which is 3.
    -> After you receive the Tier 3 reward, your Mileage points will reset and will start from 0 again.
    -> Mileage rewards is based on Gacha item lists; therefore, the rewards can be changed when the lists update.
    -> You can check your mileage points and the rewards of each level from Gacha interface.
    -> Gacha mileage is counted by account (consumed Gems of all characters in an account).

    If you encounter any problem, feel free to ask us.

    Thank you and see you ingame!
    ~AG team