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  • ⛄happy winter event⛄

    Here are Winter Events. Hope you guys enjoy them

    ⛄ Event 01 Disassemble Armets!

    Monsters will randomly drop Common Armets (Those are not gears) disassemble them to get either higher rarity of Armets or boosters.
    ● Item Disassembly
    From disassembling Armets, you will get one of the items; Armet Fragment(different amount by Armet's rarity), Item box, Higher rarity Armet

    ⛄Event 02 Find the Snowman!

    Snowman monsters will respawn in every field except dungeons.
    10 monsters in each map and channel (10 minutes to respawn)
    These Snowmen will drop a package containing a Common Armet (100% chance)

    ⛄Event 03 Event Daily Quest!

    Don't forget to take daily quests!
    To complete the quest, you need to kill 3 snowmen. The quest reward will be Common Armet!

    ⛄Event 04 Event shop!

    Armet Fragment can be used to purchase items from Event Shop.

    ☆ How to get Shiny Snow ball?
    -> Go to Event 07

    ⛄Event 05 Daily Attendance Event!

    Take your attendance at [Event Corp.] NPC in Alpen, and receive a special booster!

    ⛄Event 06 Time-Run Event
    A random rarity of Armets will be delivered to your premium mailbox hourly. (must be on for a whole hour to receive the token).
    Players will get Armets by character's level every hour.

    Lv.1 - 10 Common Armet
    Lv.11 - 29 Common - Uncommon Armet
    Lv.30 - 49 Common - Rare Armet
    Lv.50 - 69 Common - Hero Armet
    Lv.70 - 99 Common - Legendary Armet

    ⛄ Event 07 Snowman Boss Summon Event

    Armet Fragment can also be used to buy Event Boss summon stone!!
    Bring the summon stone to the Event NPC at the northern entrance of Alpen town.
    The Snowman Boss will drop 10 of Ice Lumps (100% chance) and a brand-new Snowman head acce. Avatar(Rare) (low chance)

    Caution! Ice Lumps are very heavy! You won't be able to bring them to the town at once.
    You can exchange Ice Lumps for Shiny Snow Balls with Snowman NPC at Alpen. You can buy higher valued items with Shiny Snow balls! =)

    Happy event! ~
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