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    Dear AG players,

    We already prepared "Happy new year" events to our dearest players as below:
    1. Rainbow snow ball event:
    The event will be started from today January 10th, 2017 to February 7th, 2017. Every monsters will drop Rainbow snow ball item in certain chance, players can exchange with Rainbow snow balls with event boosters via EVENT NPC in Alpen town.

    - Bronze gift Booster^ - 100 snow balls
    ^Unc.Upgrade Gift Box(+8~10)^
    ^[Package]Upgrade Supplement^
    ^[Package]HP Increase Potion^
    ^[Package]Defense Increase Potion^
    ^[Package]Magic Attack Increase Potion^
    ^[Package]Attack Increase Potion^
    ^[Package]Pet EXP Set^
    ^[Package]Rice Cake Soup Set^
    ^[Event]Sowel Removal Tool (1)^
    ^[Event]WH Recall Scroll (5)^
    ^[Event]Style Shop Coupon^
    ^[Package]1,000 Gold Coin^
    ^[Package]SPR Increase Potion (5)^
    ^[Package]Drop Rate Increase Potion (5)^
    ^[Package]STA Increase Potion (5)^
    ^[Package]Rainbow Bait (100)^
    ^[Package]Teleport Scroll (10)^
    ^[Package]Summon Scroll (10)^
    ^[Package]Jumbo MP Potion (10)^

    -Silver gift Booster^ 300 balls
    ^Rare Upgrade Gift Box(+8~10)^
    ^[Event]Upgrade Protect Scroll (5)^
    ^[Package]Upgr. Supplement Set^
    ^[7D]Pig Pang^
    ^[7D]Pink Dragon Doll^
    ^[7D]Flying Carpet^
    ^[Package]Skill Reset Set^
    ^[Package]50,000 Coin Set^
    ^[Package]Option Exchange Scroll^
    ^[Package]Teleport&Summon Scroll (10)^
    ^[Package]Sowel Protection Scroll^
    ^[Package]Rune Socket Tool^
    ^[Package][1D]Premium Potion^

    - Gold gift Booster^ 500 balls
    ^Hero Upgrade Gift Box(+8~10)^
    ^[Event]Upgrade Protect Scroll (5)^
    ^[Package]especial Upgrade Protect Scroll^
    ^[Package]Upgr. Supplement Set^
    ^[14D]Angel Pang^
    ^[14D]Dragon Doll^
    ^[14D]Modern Flying Carpet^
    ^[14D]Pink Broomstick^
    ^Pop Star Set^
    ^[Package]50,000 Coin Set^
    ^[Package]Option Exchange Scroll (5+1)^
    ^[Package]Auto Shovel Oil (1,000)^
    ^[Package]Rainbow Bait (1,000)^
    ^[Package]Attack Speed Increase (5)^
    ^[Package]HP Regeneration Potion (50)^

    2. Happy time event:
    There will be EXP 200% and GOLD 200% twice a day at 9:00 to 12:00 AM/PM.
    - 13th, 14th, 15th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 27th, 28th, 29th January, 2017.
    - 3rd, 4th, 5th February, 2017.

    If you need any further clarification, feel free to ask us.

    Happy gamming ~
    ~AG team.