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    Dear AG players,
    We already prepared the bunch of event ' Happy Spring' as belows:
    Event period: March 3rd - April 3rd

    1. Event 1: Welcoming back Event!
    a) All players are able to gain tremendous items by only leveling their characters up during this event!
    b) During the event, a 'Comback User package' will be given to all characters.
    The package contains many different items, as well as the following level package that you are able to open every 5 levels.
    c) Those packages will be removed after the event (April 4th) as belows:
    ComeBack UserPackage
    ComeBack 10Lv.Package
    ComeBack 20Lv.Package
    ComeBack 30Lv.Package
    ComeBack 40Lv.Package

    2. Event 2: Defeat Tigras!
    Tigras respawn in every normal fields. Defeat Tigras and get the Recipes of Elemental Equipment!
    a) Craft Elemental Equipment!
    Only Tigras' gears have Elemental stat, and that's what we need to defeat the boss 'Tigras King', which is the king of all Tigras.
    To defeat Tigras King, we must use Elemental gears and weapons!
    Let's craft Elemental equipment, and defeat the boss Tigras King!

    Step #1 How to obtain craft materials
    Tigras in normal fields will drop the recipes of elemental equipment and essential material, 'Elemental Stones.'
    Step #2 Register recipes of Elemental equipment
    Double click to register recipes on your craft list.
    Step #3 Crafting
    Gather all the materials to craft and bring them to the NPC Alford in Alpen.
    The result from crafting is random. You are able to gain Rare items, Hero, and finally Legendary.
    c) Disassembling Element equipment
    You are able to obtain different items from disassembling elemental equipment.
    In case it turns out to be bad, don't panic! You can still gain some items from disassembling the equipments!

    3.Event 3: Kill Tigras King!
    By combining 10 Summon pieces from Tigras drop, You will get a Tigras King summon stone.
    After that, visit Silaris town and go to A Martyr's Tombstone (X: 340, Y: 391) to summon Tigras King.
    Normal attacks won't even tickle him, so you have to equip elemental weapons and armors to deal with Tigras King.

    Tigras King will drop the items listed below:
    Tigras King Summon Stone
    Elemental Pet Token
    Elemental Pet Booster
    [Event] Element Booster

    4. Event 4: Daily Attendance Event
    Take daily attendance via Event NPC in Each town.
    Doing so will gift the players with event token and Elemental Pet Boosters that contain Pets with Elemental stats.

    5. Event 5:
    a) Run-time Gift Event !
    Elemental Tokens will be delivered to your premium mail box every hour. (Players must be online to get)
    Elemental Tokens are used for purchasing different items from Event shop during the event period. Please take a look at what we have in the Event shop ^_^
    b) Elemental Avatars(from Avatar Synthesis!)
    Avatars with Attribute stats are obtainable from Avatar Synthesis. (Randomly)
    Not only that, Some avatars that we couldn't get from Synthesis are available now!
    c) Soulmate Golden Apple roulette Event
    Hunt monsters with your Soulmate and gain Golden Apples.
    From the Golden Apple Roulette rewards, you can get a Soulmate Token (Event Title)!
    Not only that, but you get to show how much you love your Soulmate!

    Happy gamming!
    ~AG team.