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Im back and happy to be here again

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  • Im back and happy to be here again

    Hello everyone, its nice to see old Asda still well and kicking, I have so much love for this game, it was my first mmo and to this date, is the best game I ever played, I started playing Asda Story since the first Halloween event so, is nostalgic to see Alpen like this again, Ballista is back and even better, THE OLD SKILL TREE IS BACK!!! Im so happy right now. Still there are some minor details but is nice to see it again (back in old days we had many more skill points to spend). The welcome back gifts are awsome too, thankyou guys.
    I started playing ASDA Global since CBT and I made my characters in OBT but I kinda quit since the game was almost the same as Asda2 so its been long time since I played, was kinda depresing since I lost so many things when Asda2 closed, BUT I just found out something from Asda2 that I tought was lost forever, MY OLD AVATAR!!! I mean WOW!! cant believe it made it to ASDA Global, its literaly the same!! (except rarity lol) I made this... ehhm... well I actually didnt make it, I just chose the 3D model and colors, it was Aris who made it herself when I won the Get your Swag On event (I won a shirt, a mouse pad, commemorative buttons and a flashdrive too) I hope I can get it full from the Avatar Syntesis system.

    You guys have no idea how much this Avatar means to me, before I won it, my dog died, so to make sure to always remember, I asked Aris if she could add a small black riblon to the chest plate and she did, she did an awsome job with the textures, even with such small detail... lol kinda cryed a bit when I saw it in ASDA Global. Thankyou guys, hope to be around many more years.

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    Hello, welcome back, dear