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[Survey] Need your opinion about Asda Story and Asda Global

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    bring back
    1. ballista
    2. hybrid skill 3. pvp zone
    4.asda1 pvp armor and weapons


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      Hi anyway you don't bring asda 1 back so here's a one thing you should do for make game better
      Create 64bit client: game was create almost 10 year ago when we was have old PC confings (2-4gb ram) and software (windows xp) rgiht now 2016 we got better config and we got alot of "memory errors" because if game start ask more then 2gb ram it's will get crush,client can't handle this.Maybe this gonna work.Thanks if you even read this.


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        One again, thanks for your feedbacks, guys. We really appreciate that


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          Ok here is my suggestion our support team:
          1- Bring back the Mine war and the rewards from the drilling etc.
          2- The graphics on AS were better than this one so you have to think about making some extensions i believe even the maps and the dungeons were changed and that's not cool.

          Thank you.


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            I've played Asda Story, Asda2 since the birth of the games (Elementle)
            i loved the Ballista class, hybrid builds, not requiring globals to talk in global chat. I understand it's a way to drag gold out of the economy but I think it's unnecessary. The hybrid skills trees were the best! In reality the players made it so much fun, so marketing the game to bring in new players would be a good idea