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  • Crashing.

    After roughly a couple of hours, the game decides to stop working. It's definitely not my PC (which is an expensive gaming tower so if and when I do have issues with games, typically it's down to the engine under-performing or bugs, etc.). Seeing as this is software-related, i.e. the game crashing and nothing do with with my hardware, it is not my connection or router either (200MB fiber optic connected via CAT6). This is the only MMORPG I've played in the last few years (since having this PC, at least) that suddenly freezes and brings up and error message.

    I know, you'll probably give me a generic reply about checking my router, disabling additional programs and so on. But I've done all of that and it is the game just seizing up, for whatever reason.

    Anyone else had this happen and/or have some detailed information as to why it is happening? Bear in mind, I am 100% certain that it is client-side.

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    Crashing might happen in certain ways such as opening Quests list after turning in completed quests or teleporting to different maps, etc.
    Like you said it could be client side since Asda has been developed pretty many years ago and no matter how big RAM/ powerful CPU you've got the game doesn't use the whole resources of your hardware. Maybe relogging time to time can help preventing DC, or avoid crowded places when you afk for a while.
    We're sorry for not giving you clear resolution. :'(


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      I have exactly the same problem and I agree with the above user, I ask you to solve this as soon as possible, it is very annoying to play like this and ends up losing the will.