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  • Christmas in Holy Town 2018

    As the yuletide seasons comes, the wind gets colder and the danger comes closer!

    Location: Ostersund in Northern Europe. You can travel directly to Holy Town by clicking the Event button on the left side of the screen.

    Duration: From Dec 6th 201th to December 27th 2018

    Level: Players Lv.60+

    Event Details:


    Players can enter Holy Town by using [Event] Holy Town Ticket.

    Using a ticket It allows you to enter Holy Town for 60 minutes.

    Multiple Entrance Tickets can be saved up and used as a stack to increase your consecutive entrance time. Please be reminded that the event area is closed each day between 06:00 and 07:00 (PDT)

    Christmas Feast Buff:

    Enjoy attack and defense bonus for the whole duration of the event! (ATK:35% & DEF:10%)

    Snow Crystal Buff:

    Do you wish to get that extra attack damage to finally defeat that huge bear wielding a huge tree? Approach the floating snow crystals and randomly get an attack or defense buff or a bit of EXP! Please be reminded that these buffs does not stack! Always check your "My Buff Effects" window for your ongoing buffs!

    Ms. Santahontas Christmas Gifts:

    Near the entrance of the Holy Town, you will see Ms. Santahontas! She will exchange your rabbits and Caroline's hearts for exciting gifts!

    Santa Acong Holiday Slot Machine:

    Feeling lucky? You can exchange 5 stockings to get exclusive holiday items!

    Atlantica VALOFE team wishes everyone Happy Holidays!