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I can't download the game!!!!!

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  • I can't download the game!!!!!

    I had to format my computer and now I can't download the game. It simply won't go on the website. I click on the link and nothing happens. After some time, I am redirected to an error page.

    Can somebody help me?

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    Hello Atlantian,

    Have you tried using a different web browser to download the game? Please also make sure the system requirements are met, you can find the details in http://at.valofe.com/support/client_download

    If it still does not work please create a ticket by logging into http://at.valofe.com/ from another trusted device, go to SUPPORT - Customer Support, click Write and write an account of what happens including screenshots of the error (to upload the screenshots you can use tinypic.com and copypaste the links to the images in the body of the ticket's message).

    Wishing you to succeed and looking forward to further assist you if needed,

    VALOFE Atlantica Team


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        i have also tried but then i hav download from below sites.actually i was looking for clash of clans private servers then below sites help me
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          You can check the private servers of clash royale from here.

          clash royale private server link
          Clash Royale Private Servers is not an official server. It is developed and published by Supercell and histed by private servers.