Welcome to the patch notes for Operation Neo Chronos Stage 3. Here's what's new:

Map Release:
-Crack Down

New Character (Shop)
-Cathy Neo: comes equipped with Heal and Repair protocols, extra movement and fire rate with Shotguns.

Weapons Update
Gachabox: FW-14 Neo Piranha+ (Rifle)
Gachabox: FW-LS Neo Hawk+ (Sniper)
Shop/Gachabox: Neo Grenade MK 3+ (Grenade)
Shop: KSG-15 Savage+ (Shotgun)
Shop: P90 Ronin+ (SMG)

New Gear
Shop: Shock Abosrbers: Reduces falling damage

New Package
Cathy New Package: Cathy Neo, Z1A1-G+, Repair Protocol+, Magazine Extension+, Med Kit+
Irene Sweetheart Package: Irene Sweetheart, MP5K Rising Heart+, Departing Gift+, Rose Leaf, Speed Kit+
Ratatat Lunarblaze Package: Ratatat Lunarblaze, MP7 Sakura+, Sound Dampener+, Fireworks, Med Kit+

Competitive Mode
TFM - Sand Storm I, Berlin, Galata, Xitang
SD - Office, Broken City 1, Titan Valley, Red Mansion

Passive Gear increased to 5

Level Restriction Increase for Competitive Server
- (Level 14) Master Sergeant(1) -> (Level 19) Sergeant Major(1)