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[Blackshot Global]Ba 2.29.0 patch notes

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  • [Blackshot Global]Ba 2.29.0 patch notes

    In this month's Operation Neo Chronos Part 8, the BlackShot arsenal is further augmented with additional weapon skins, all-new Callsigns & Emblems, classic maps, and new character Agent Pei.

    New Character: Agent Pei
    Known by her callsign Pei, this covert operative is highly skilled in seducing high value targets.

    HP & AP Protocol
    Moving Speed increased by 2%
    Decreasing Moving Sound by 20%.

    Callsigns and Emblems
    We have added new Callsigns and Emblems to our shop. You will be able to find them under the Profile Section of the Shop.

    Weapons and Items Update
    Lock and load with new weapons and variants at the Shop and Gachabox:

    FW-RS Neo Omega+ (Shotgun)
    FW-4C Neo Omega+ (SMG)

    HK416D Neo Griffin+ (Rifle)
    DSR Neo Neon+ (Sniper)
    FN57 (Pistol)
    AS50 (Sniper)
    LWRC (Rifle)

    Agent Pei Package (Shop):
    Agent Pei
    Barrett Lunarblaze+
    Speed Kit+
    Sound Dampener+
    Repair Protocol+
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