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    The Clan War heat is on

    School's out and the summer's in! Get your Clan fired up for action and be rewarded accordingly.

    7th May 2020 to 1st June 2020

    1. To qualify, your Clan must complete at least 30 matches in Clan War during the event period;
    2. Clans will be ranked and rewarded based on their points obtained in Clan War during the event duration;
    3. Each character must have played at least 15 matches for the same clan in order to qualify for the rewards achieved by the clan;
    4. Farming and abusive behavior are grounds to disqualify you and possibly your entire clan;
    5. Clans or players with long histories of abusive behavior may be disqualified from this event;

    Top 1: AK47 Blazing Glory+ 15 days, Blazing Glory NX1 Sniper+ 15 days, Blazing Glory NX1 Melee+ 15 days & Med Kit+ 15 days;
    Top 2-5: NX1 Dominator+ 7 days, NX1 Assassin+ 7 days, NX1 Skirmisher+ 7 days & Speed Kit+ 7 days;
    Top 6-10: NZ1 AK103+ 4 days, NZ1 SASR+ 4 days, NZ1 Knife+ 4 days & Multi Weapon+ 4 days;
    Top 11-20: AK47-G+ 3 days, AWP-G 3 days & Heal Protocol+ 3 days;