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    Secretly hearing calls so let's get it! #Special event "Fan Art" the moment of the cuddle let's sweep!!
    Send them a lot ><

    1. Draw "Soma" to 664 x664 pixel. Unlimited creativity.

    2. Post fanart to my own Facebook "publicly" with type #closersthfanart followed by // character name and bring URL (link of photos posted) to post in the comments. Event Photo. This is it.

    3. Most liked photos of the team will be brought to the players to vote on fanpage to find the winner!
    (every picture will be created by cuddle ml Fanpage)

    Images Can be sent until 11/06/2563

    Start voting for winners
    Day 13/06/2563-17/06/2563

    Announcement of the winner. Ready to build a cuddle m fanart album.
    Date 18/06/2563

    Winner take it!
    1. Closers Title "real fanart"
    2. Set of cosmos to launch soma strawberry rider a type. Full Set.
    3. Show off the game photos via EV CHANNEL FOR 1 months.

    - do not bring other people's work to pretend. If the team knows it will be disqualified.
    - team reserves the right to change details without prior notice.
    - team judgement is final.

    Official Website :
    Apply for ID:

    #Closers #ClosersTH #NaddicGames
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