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05.12.2020 Patch Notes [Survival Pass Update]

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  • 05.12.2020 Patch Notes [Survival Pass Update]

    1. Additional Item Mall (20% OFF)
    Max Package
    Scorpion Package
    Autumn Heavy Weapon Package
    Spec Ops Mei Package (Camo) (Perm)
    Viper's Gold Weapon Package
    Wraith's Gold Weapon Package
    -MYST-Abstract Mystery
    -MYST - Cerulean Fantasy

    2. Item Mall Removal
    Wraith Package
    Banshee Package
    Hauser Set Package 999
    Spec Ops Mei Package (Black) (Perm)
    Lightning Package
    U.S. Recon Package
    -MYST - Digital Camouflage
    -MYST - Mythic 4
    -MYST-Snow Camo

    3. New goods on shop
    Natural Disaster Package
    MYST - Natural Disaster
    Players can get these weapons from both of them:
    -Natural Disaster P90TR
    -Natural Disaster CZ805
    -Natural Disaster L96A1

    4. Events Update
    Daily Attendance: May.12th to Jun.8th

    5. Survival Pass Update
    New Survival Pass Period: May.12th to Jul.14th
    New exclusive weapons: Lava Works Series
    -Lava Works F2000
    -Lava Works M249-Para
    - Lava Works Anaconda-8Inch

    6. Europe-Turkey NEW server name changed to Europe-Turkey High Rank.
    Users who have Level/Rank 30 above and KDR 17.5 below users can join the server.
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