1. Additional Item Mall (20% OFF)
Netherland Recon Package
Italian Recon Package
Roaring Dragon Package
Tempest Aviator Package
Baron's Gold Weapon Package
MYST-Eternity (Assault)
Supply Crate MYST-Weapon I

MYST-Weapon AR (No discount)

2. Item Mall Removal
Max Package
Scorpion Package
Autumn Heavy Weapon Package
Spec Ops Mei Package (Camo)
Viper's Gold Weapon Package
Wraith's Gold Weapon Package
MYST-Abstract Mystery
MYST - Cerulean Fantasy

3. New goods on shop
Zodiac Gemini Mask

4. Bug fixed
- Recover Ability items on shop
- Fix the bug MYST-Eternity (Core) can’t be opened