1.Goods on sales (20% OFF)
a)Hawk Package
b)Scorpion Package
c)Karl package
d)Elite Soldier Package 1
e)Elite Soldier Package 2
g)Supply Crate MYST-May
h)MYST - Arctic

2.Sales removal
a)MYST-Eternity (Assault)
b)MYST-Weapon AR
c)Supply Crate MYST-Weapon I
d)Netherland Recon Package
e)Italian Recon Package
f)Roaring Dragon Package (Perm)
g)Tempest Aviator Package (Perm)
h)Baron's Gold Weapon Package
i)Zodiac Taurus Helmet
j)Natural Disaster Package
k)MYST – Natural Disaster

3.LC mode seasonal ranking update
a)New period 2020/5/26 – 2020/6/28
b)New rewards updated

4. New Weapon released
Eagle Eye The Famas

5.Events Update
a)Wheel of Fate Update
b)Combat Poly Update
c)Burning Gauge Update

6.Bug fixes
a)Fix the issue that the Boss in Fireteam-outpost 31 has an abnormal HP.
b)Fix the sometimes no response while closing the client.