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    HI admin,

    I want to know the detalied difference between pet normal synth, pet evolution synth, pet legendary synth (requeriments, success results, etc). This question i've been made around all players, and the answers aren't very clear (many theories and contradictories), so it is time to know the real answer from you GM. I hope you can help us in this simple but likely confuse question.

    Hoping a quick and real detail complete answer.

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    Hi, drakul***
    We hope this information can help you
    *Pet Synthsizing
    Pet You can get a pet of these class pets
    1☆normal x2 1☆normal 2☆normal 2☆magic
    2☆normal x2 2☆normal 2☆magic 3☆magic
    2☆magic x2 2☆magic 3☆magic 3☆rare
    3☆magic x2 3☆magic 3☆rare 4☆rare
    4☆rare x2 4☆rare 4☆epic 5☆epic
    4☆epic x2 5☆epic 5☆legend  
    5☆epic x2 5☆legend    
    5☆legend x2 5☆legend 6☆legend  
    *Main pet : more than 30level
    *Sub pet : No level limitation
    *Main pet and sub pet's calss have to saem.
    *When you synthepize a pet above class epic, you can get same class above sub pet. (4star dracula + 4star others = 5star dracula)
    *When you synthesize 6star pet, your pet's option will be changed.
    *We can't know exact success rate of pet synthesizing.
    *Developer only knows this.
    Thank you.
    ~DarkEden Team