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  • About ingame drops and overall

    Hi! First of all Id like to thank you guys for bringing this server in europe/america..But theres lots of changes need to be done.. I will stand for poor players ingame now..The problem is about ingame drops/rates and some items never drop ingame...etc you need 10uk(which is attainabe) and 900K honor(which is not attainabe) because it doesnt drop ingame, or you can buy it from other players(overpriced), or pay pyramid box from market and still have a low change to get gold honor.. I think you guys made this server only for rich people and dont think about over the poor players, as i can say there are more poor players than righ people in this server..as myself ive pay lots of money in this server, but there is no point of thi server if peope are leaving this server due low ingame opportunities. If the game created for demands then those items should drop ingame also. I know you have 1 hourly gift event where you can obtain 1000k honor every 1hr, but thats very low chance to hit 900k honor..

    Also Ive never got any proper answer for the questions..Facebook support tells me everytime they are working hard for this game, how so? Ive heard there was a rollback and one guy waited his market return abt 1,5 months..Is that hard working? I guess you guys dont put passion in this server and care about people..only thing you care is money and rich people..but as i can say playing this game for 10+ years since from darkeden international and know the people who see theres no point playing in this kind of server which is made like casino..Lots of people just will quit and due low population you will close this server in any time..

    This stuff once happened to darkeden ignited, market was overpriced and no decent drops ingame, then people left and sever died..I just want to say, make some changes ingame for poor players and you also should make different channels for server as like korean server does that..Please put some passion in this server and for players, really like the server but if running it like a casino will kill it..

    I dont whine about this kind of stuff but as I see many people joining this game and leave in under 2 weeks cus of the mess ingame...Just fix drops, make new items drop ingame and MAKE GUIDES for people..Support team told me there is no point of making the guides because this server is made for fun?? for fun? Are you kidding me? This is not a chat room where you can have fun, people wants to explore new things and be able make sets without paying thousands of dollars ingame, as i can see of donating is you get the set faster done, but here you cant even get done set without paying rea money in here.

    I really hope you understand this situation and will do something about this, AND REALLY DO(not saying just we will consider with dev team and blablabla...)Ive heard this 100 times from support team and still no results..

    Best Regards

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    This server is going to crap because they now have a 3rd party working for them to sell their market items 50% off when people are still paying full price for the real market i hope ths server dies