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New upcoming event - GM's please answer

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  • New upcoming event - GM's please answer


    First of all I would like to say thank you to GM's for still being interested in the server and making events for us. Really appreciate it.

    But after reading the details on website I have some concerns.

    Jump system will boost a newly made character to 251 lvl with 61 rank and provide some other stuff like 3rd promotion item.

    The question is... What about characters we already have that we played for months and are already around 251 lvl without 3rd promotion since it was nearly impossible to get that item.
    We should abandon them and make new ones? That doesn't make much sense.
    My suggestion is (or maybe you already thought about it) Make that 3rd promotion item account wide, so we can actually send it via mailbox to our other character (on the same account ofc).

    Otherwise people will get really mad that they invested time (and $$$) ond characters that they have to abandon now since it will be better to just make a new one with jump system...

    Please consider


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    antiquity item i think they mean ancient set, who is alredy non tradeable on synt capable. my char is over 300 and still havent been able to jc3. maybe jc3 item de drop rate could be bit better, i even got couple stains before jc3 item. just made couple days ago char 250, i think ill delete and make new jumpin 251 with new stuff, dunno, but will definetely check it.


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      Thank you for suggested, We will discuss about this issue and have answer for you as soon as possible.

      DarkEden Team.


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        Feedback: i am already experiencing a drop in morale on old players that actually spent money on their characters, have all skills, cosmetics and still haven't done the 3rd class change.

        Giving a 7 day limited symbol of honor + 10Limited HG + 10 Limited 13x Stone would improve the mood of said players.


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          Whats happenning with the x10 contribution reward from wars during the december event?? it doesnt work so far...