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I m to dissapointed to think of other topic than "#$%#%&@"

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  • I m to dissapointed to think of other topic than "#$%#%&@"

    THANK YOU for wonderful game. I missed Dark Eden and when i heard new server is about to open I was SO excited. I started to play Origin not that long time ago and as always on Dark Eden I've meet new fellows plus meet old ones. Ahh what i can say... Fuck it... I guess.. I REGRET wasting over 150€ for your shitty market that doesnt give anything. I've bought rune boxes pet boxes and other shitz. Not even once i was rewarded with something worth this cash. And funniest part are skills. I've bought 80 k contri for 80 euros... Amazing, isnt it? Not to mention that according to info you give ppl skills drops in Dracula and guess what... you need to waste another 200€ to get drac from box. I promice i ll never donate 1 cent for your server again and now i m selling char. :3 Here have some cats to watch. It helps me to relief my anger hopefully will help you too. by Tetrisu

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    Hi, player!

    We're afraid you didn't get items you want from some box items.
    Players can get items and needed stuffs from various contents such like hunting monsters, boss monsters and by participating in Wars.
    And, you can also trade items with other players.
    We recommend you can find various information about DarkEden and DarkEden Origin through communicating in forum
    and accessing to our official page of Korea: http://origin.darkeden.com.

    Thank you
    ~DarkEden Origin Team


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      No one can read korean, if people wanted to read the guides in the SOFTON website, they also would play there.
      Since you started doing the comparison with the korean website, they have a much better market with a higher variety of boxes that help alot with the rng, there you actually suffer less with the idea of not getting what you want with your money.

      Trade items ? we are working hard to bring players back to the game, i wish Gamengame would care a little more about their costumers and think about improving the situation instead of replying automated messages.

      Fix the bugs of this version or buy an updated server from SOFTON, but at least do something.


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        This staff here has no idea how to run a game, let a lone a forum.