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How i can logi-in ??

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  • How i can logi-in ??

    I try login in game, but de account do not the same of G&G game.
    I Search an location to create de account game but i not find.
    anyone can help?

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    Hi, Carlos

    As you know our game was unavailable from Republic of Korea and China, if you did not live here, you are completely able to play this game.
    Please check some case below:
    1. Make sure that you activate your email account which you already registered.
    2. Could you check this you tried to login game with client from gamengame site or on Steam, please remember that, you could not use account registered on gamengame site to log in game on Steam, you have to create new account for Steam. We don't support any account transfer function.
    We hope this information can help you.

    Have a good time with DarkEden!
    ~Darkeden team