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    Greetings. I have found few bugged runes. Bloody skull damage and range increase runes do not work. i have tested damage on a mob before i used it and after i used it several times. and it does no effect. also bloody skull range has the same issue just no effect at all. those 2 need to be fixed as soon as possible please. also heard ousters say some water runes dont work either. would like to know when would it be fixed if it is. Thank you.

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    Hi, tarasyuki***

    Thank you for getting in touch.
    As you know, runes can be applied to ingame when you used them correctly.
    You can not wear one or more rune items of the same shape and options, 'but you can wear runes of the different shape and the same options'. And, these are information about runes for you. * A lock-shaped rune slot can not wear a rune item. * Depending on the shape and color of the rune item, the slot can be worn and can not be mounted on rune slots with different shapes and colors. * You can wear all runes of the same color in the gray rune slots, regardless of their color. However, in the case of the yellow runes, the same option, other types of runes can be attached, but the effect is the highest effect of the runes worn. Only the rune effect is applied. Example> Triangle HP absorbing rune triangle HP absorbing rune can not be worn Triangle HP Absorbing Rune Square HP Absorbing Rune can be worn * Attaching other rune items to the slot where the rune item is worn will destroy the rune item that was previously attached. * In the case of vampire races, MP options are applied as HP options. You can not install optional HP related options. Example> Triangle MP Runes Triangle MP Runes and HP runes can not be worn.

    I hope this information help you.
    ~DarkEden Team


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      Hey again! thank you for your reply.

      Yes that information is correct but it has nothing to do with he bug because i did not equip 2 triangle runes or squares. I equipped a single triangle rune "bloody skull damage increase". before i put the rune in, I tested damage on the same monster several times to make sure I know exact damage I do without the rune. when I did put triangle rune "bloody skull damage increase" and tested damage on the same monster it did exact same damage not even 1% increase. did the same thing with the bloody skull range rune. and got the same no effect. there were no double runes or any of that. it was a single rune test. yellow triangle "bloody skull damage increase". Yellow triangle bloody skull range increase was tested the same way after ward. both do not work. If a GM could do a test and see for themselves would be much appreciated. Thanks.