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  • Support via Gamengame webpage

    I have a support ticket at GnG webpage 7649 which has not been replied to for 2-3 weeks. Is this usual customer service? My pet has been unable to level for like 3 weeks now. Please assist.

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    Hi Qoo,

    My Account name is I don't quite think that I should post my e-mail account here so if you could, please censor it.I log in via Steam. My character name is Perfection and my Pet is unable to level since 3 weeks ago or there about. It is stuck at lv 36. I have transferred it to a friend and relogging. I have also tried raising its property from 5* Epic ot 5* Legend, no use.


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      Is there an estimated time frame on which this will be resolved? Or can you resolve it by giving me the same pet with the same stats and you take this faulty one? It has been stuck for a month now at least. I need the stats from the pet, it should easily be over 50 by now.


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        Hi i have the same problem my pet is stuck at level 30 and none of them will level any more this is on both my slayers i also posted on the website but got no reply will i get a refund for the wasted feed too?