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I can not get in the game

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  • I can not get in the game

    Good night, I downloaded the game and installed it normally, I created the account on the G & G website, however when trying to enter the game I never can and always the message "Server Disconeted" appears. I would like help, as I have a lot of interest in playing this DarkEden.
    My ID is wison_machado@hotmail.com

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    Hi, wison!

    We're very afraid that you couldn't play DarkEden.
    Are you still unavailable with playing DarkEden??
    There wasn't any servery disconnecting issue but this temporary DC would be happened according internet circumstance in your country.
    Please try to login DarkEden again after you check your internet device and condition.
    If you have a same problem after trying again, let us know some information below:
    1. country you play
    2. IP address
    *DarkEden Global client from G&G hasn't support to play in Republic of korea and China.

    Thank you.
    ~DarkEden Team