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Unable to log into char

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  • Unable to log into char

    For some reason im undable to log on to my Razakell slayer... i have 2 other chars on the same account and i can log into both of them fine, But when i try to log into my Razakell char the game crashes befor it loads in... Ive tried logging in with window mode/ different resolutions with no success.

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    I guess you guys arnt gonna do anything then seems its still not fixed...?


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      Hi, glenn

      Except in case of your character being blocked, you can play and enjoy Darkeden without problem.
      Could you share any screenshot with us when you try to access to Razakell character??
      We will relay this and ask for checking your character to Devs.
      You can upload any screenshots on here or G&G Q&A private message.

      Thank you.
      ~DarkEden Team