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Change the bible war time!

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  • Change the bible war time!

    This is honestly your last chance before i quit.
    There are plenty of other better games out there to play and I'm not going to waste my time and money on one that's run by apes and chimps.

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    I am guessing you are from Europe!

    I have the same problem, war starts at 6 am. There is a good reason for it. They cannot move the war time ahead 2-4 hours bcause then in North- and South America war would start like 2am there. As most players I think are from that continent they cant change it.

    Just got to live with it. I wake up at 5.45 am every morning anyway to eat before work (might as well eat behind the computer while killing some enemies)


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      Well it's kinda a big deal. Of course you can't please everybody, people play from different countries, different time zones etc but... they could set it up for different hours each time , or for example one time a week there's bible war around evening hours for european players and the second time it's evening hours for north and south america etc. The way it is now completely cross out a significant amount of players from Europe that would love to participate. For me bible war starts at 5 am... it's horrible and I probably won't be able to play at all and I know a lot of players feel the same way.

      To summarize - make a rotation with hours that will change each week otherwise people will just get bored with the game when there's no pvp action for them.