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any news about updates?

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  • any news about updates?

    we are about to hit two months and still no news about updates... nice job g&g

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    Hi, sunabouzu***!

    When our new update is prepared, we are going to let you know the news through our communities.
    Stay tuned our news C:

    Thank you
    ~DarkEden Origin Team


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      Dear GM Pray, we know that your staff will let us now when update is ready. However, it's been 2 months of no news. We only wish to know the estimated date for updates, because we are tired of waiting in the dark for updates. Would help a lot more, if you guys had a date, in which you plan to release, instead of giving robotic answers, because at least we won't be waiting in the dark for anything, because we would know the date, at the very least.


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        Dear GM Pray
        my personal opinion based on the present state of game and I do not think you have any plans about updates or events .
        communication with a gaming community = 0


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          we need to update on the server, every day more players stop because there are no new maps and skill 2


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            The perona map is increasingly with fewer players

            We only wish to know the estimated date for updates.


            We top ranking need maps 91+ or We're going out.
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              - Pirate party selling gold for $
              -No update

              You're asking to lose this server.


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                people are getting bored everyday, and every day the perona loses 1 people


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                  [GM]Pray We need an update soon before this server ends up dying. If we wait much longer there will be no one to enjoy the update if it ever does come.