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Difference between Genesis and Origin?

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  • Difference between Genesis and Origin?


    I couldn't get my answer from the website as both DarkEden websites are basically the same.

    So presuming Genesis is the first G&G DarkEden, I tried it for a couple of days when it released and didn't like it. I remember spending some hours in an instance that powered me to a high level, after that there was a teleporter in the town to access training maps. Not how I remember old DarkEden at all, the game world felt empty.

    Is Origins more like the classic Darkeden International and Darkeden Global (Joymax) versions?


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    Hi, player!
    Thank you for contacting us.
    Dark Eden Origin is the latest released version that improves the inconvenience, graphic quailty, and skills of the Dark Eden original version.
    However, since both Dark Eden and Dark Eden Origin have their own charms and strengths,
    we recommend you choice a game better suited to you after you play all games.

    ~DarkEden Origin Team


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