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  • Thanks for the great administration GMs

    Really I'm very disappointed with that game, I like it so much and now I'm sad on how decayed it is now. Bots everywhere, events that end earlier than the date it should've ended, what will be next? Free permission to use hack without punishment?

    The X-mas event was scheduled to start being removed on January 18th and what happened? They removed the items of the drop on 4th January. All I could've got from that event was cookies all time cuz the cake recipes very rarely dropped and when I've got 1 or 2 I never get at least 1 pet.

    Here's the announcements of the event:

    05:06:56 AM (GMT -2 :00) 12.20.2017

    Hello, DarkEden Origin fans!!

    Happy Christmas is just around the corner!!
    We are very happy to spend the first time Christmas with our fans.
    So, to enjoy this with you, we prepared the new event: Happy Baking X-mas
    This event will be applied after server maintenance on December, 21st.

    Let's see detail information together.

    1. Happy Baking X-mas 1 - Let's make a cookie and cake box for items!
    1) Period: From December 21st, (after server maintenance) until January 4th, 2018
    2) Contents:
    *During this event period, every players who hunt monsters in field can get baking ingredients like [Flour, Sugar, Butter, Cookie recipe book and Cake recipe book].
    *'Baking ingredients' can be obtained from monsters in the field, dungeons (except Gilles lair).
    *'Baking ingredients' does not drop if the difference between the character level and the monster level is more than ± 20.
    *After you collect four ingredients, when you go to each Perona village NPC [EV-200/Lamia],
    you can exchange ingredients to [Cookie box] or [Cake box].
    And when you open the [Cookie box] and [Cake box], players can get items from this.

    *You can only exchange drop items to event items before maintenance on January 19th, 2018.

    *[X-mas event drop items] will be disappeared on January 18th, 2018 after maintenance.

    *[Cookie/Cake box] wil be disappeared on Feburary 1st, 2018 after maintenance.

    Enjoy DarkEden Origin with the X-mas event.

    Thank you.
    ~Dakr Eden Origin Team

    Announcement of yesterday:

    Dear DarkEden Origin players,

    We announce that we're going to have a scheduled server maintenance January, 4th, 2018.

    This maintenance will include below,

    1. We will work for a regular server stability.

    2. Starting and closing event News

    *Existing events: Happy Baking X-mas will be ended and the new event: Happy New Year with DarkEden Origin (1~3) will be started.

    *You can check detailed the new event information here:

    Maintenance : January, 4th, 2018

    And there's still people who wants to bring new players to a decaying game like that one? For what? To get disappointed with all that mess.

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    Game Manager fix this shit or shut it down we are tired of it!