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Where are the players??

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  • Where are the players??

    English isn't my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

    I started to play DE Origin a few days, I practically do not see players online and the difficulty to evolve is very high i'm leveling up without any exp bonus, I see in the forum many comments asking for exp stones, but when these exp stone finish the players will leave again?!
    I propose an increase in the server experience for "4x" or "6x" exp, and removal of the game of 13x exp stones, only itens for 2x exp in events.

    The point is that you have to do something definitive to solve the problem, even if it is "xx" weekly experience stones bound to the players,
    or some crazy idea.

    please do not let the game die, I really liked this version of Darkeden.

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    I plan to start playing after a break soon, Danilo. People come and go though, that's the reality.


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      You guys probably didn't read the other posts, ppl stopped playing cuz the administration of that game is ridiculous. The game is full of bot players and the GMs don't do nothing about them, and to make things worse they lie to us.

      Read that topic and you will understand why they are liars: http://www.gamengame.com/forum/forum...nistration-gms