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  • Bugs in pvp, etc

    Hello, thanks for taking your time to check my post here.

    I've been on quite a lot of pvp vs vampires/ousters as a slayer

    and i've been noticing a large number of bugs that could either be used unknowingly or are possibly abused by a ridiculously large amount of vamps/ousters.

    First of all, combat ousters seem to 2~3shot even the most high level players with good set like Sremmurd, Gunner, JanyOP etc.

    i have seen a video of this from KR video of combat ouster pvp, when the combat ouster uses the spear skill seems to take 90% of the hp away from the opponent and then

    he will get killed instantly when his hp bar drops so rapidly. Could this bug be fixed? All high rankers in slayers spend/ and work hard for their sets and if this abuse keep happen

    how are we supposed to upgrade our sets to become stronger? no matter how good set he has, seems to be 2~3shot by one combat ouster low rank

    Secondly, i'm pretty sure on the slayer side people have been noticing DCs happening when combat vamps charge/attack a slayer during the war or just in pvp situations.

    this happend countless amount of times and its something a lot of slayers are pissed off about. Their computers have no problems running DE, etc and they DC because of

    vamp users unknowingly/or possibly abusing this kind of bug using a hack/or some means to use this bug.
    It does not end here: I have seen some vampires use invisible bug in PVP. they literally disappeared then appear again = i cant use skill on them for pvp
    and they become invincible.
    ----- reminder: i have some list of nicknames of vampires who used all sorts of these bugs. If you, admins want to know the list of vampires nicknames who abused the bugs
    or using hacks you can let me know. my email is aj2782@hotmail.com. Contact me there and i will cooperate with your investigation as a witness.

    I'm really hoping that at least one of these bugs would be fixed, if not all though it will not be good enough. Its at least something.

    Thank you very much for your attention. And thank you as well for your consideration. I just think these issues are very serious and need to be dealt with,
    unless you'd like to be seeing the big donators leave because of these issues.

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    Well i make you words mine, its almost impossible to win a pvp against combat or assassin vamp if you prefer i have full Legend set, lvl 80, L rank and a noob combat 10 lvl behind with U buff kill me in 2 secs and for me to kill them i need to stun at least 2 times, this bugs need to be fixed urgent for players have a decent pvp.