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Accusation from Shino to Mozzarella

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  • Accusation from Shino to Mozzarella

    Dear GMs and @GM Pray,

    As I said in my previous post, I would be accused of being a bot. Let me tell the complete and honest story to you all.

    When I was leveling up today morning, I was followed by a slayer in a helicopter. I just let him be there as he didn't attack me. But all of a sudden, he came down and killed me while I was trying to collect a gold bar. And then I quickly go back to take a revenge. This is the time when Shino appeared. I know this guy. He is a racist targeting Chinese, especially the members of the guild Ragnarok. He almost accused all the members of Ragnarok. (actually this guild is quite dead after the founder left vampires and I found yesterday I was the master of this guild) As such, I know I am his next target and I don't like what he is doing. I intentionally made a honey trap to him and let him to upload the video and accuse me here. Immediately after that, I post a caution post prior to his accusation post as a proof that I am playing DE origin in front of the screen and I know what is happening. Please find below the sceenshots I made when he approached me as further evidences that I am playing DE origin in front of the screen.

    @GM Pray, If your dev team would have the data. I am sure they can find that I accurately described the whole situations from the slayer to Shino. I don't understand why he hates us. The best I can do is to show that he is providing false evidence to accuse a Chinese player in this incident. And through this incident, we can know that his videos prove nothing at all - a real player can be accused of being a bot. The evidence I provided should be beyond any reasonable doubts showing I am the one to control.

    So his accusation and evidence are null and void. And due to the lack of prima facie evidence, this should not make a case. And I doubt if the accusations he and his bz team made before to other Chinese players such as X01A, Pepper, Change, Kirito, Kitty, etc. are valid. I dont know all chinese players well but they are generally poor in English so they can't explain by themselves or even understand posts here. I hope that GM can stop racism in this game. This is not what we want in a game. The only races in this game should be vampires and slayers.

    Last but not least, I reserve all my rights in this matter.

    Watching Shino to follow me Watching creepy Shino to follow me Watching creepy Shino staring at me

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    You're a liar! I was the slayer.
    Leaving the bot playing for you while you look at the screen does not change the fact that you are using BOT.

    I spent over 10 minutes watching you and called shino to film, you have to be banned!


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      This is not about nationality.
      it is a question of punishing according to the terms, a good player does not use bot / macro.

      end of story!


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        Joke, I saw you (Mozzarella) macroing in tunnel 1 as well.

        The funny thing is you're really dumb. At least cheaters like X10A don't have good equipment/pet. But you bought a dracula HAHAHA.

        I can't wait for you to get banned.


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          Btw, in the video, Mozzarella is attacking every 1-2 seconds. Since you are not macroing, how do you take a screenshot? Unless you are using a virtual machine and taking a screenshot from there, or your macro automatically takes screenshots?


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            and about these players Kirito and Kitty arent chinese lol


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              The moment you state that X10A being ACCUSED. you are already lying. EVERYONE know X10A is botting. If you want to lie, please be smart about it.


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                Dear all players

                GM may not intervene in a dispute between customers in principle except when than problem is caused by violating the operation policy.
                In case that GM unavoidably intervenes in a dispute between customers, GM must judge circumstances and intervene in the objective position.
                When non-compliance with the operation policy is confirmed as follow, depending on seriousness or influence in the game,
                GM may intervene the dispute or restrict any service use. In addition, restriction can be applied without a prior notice depending on the seriousness.
                Our team is investigating some reported abnormal plays of some players.
                After we check and investigate it, when we find something against our managing policy, we will take a action for those players.
                All our team hope players enjoy and play DarkEden origin normally.

                ~DarkEden Origin Team


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                  "This is the time when Shino appeared. I know this guy. He is a racist targeting Chinese" look this player Mozzarella accusing me of being racist.

                  In all the videos I just show that he is using bot.

                  At no time did I mention your nationality !!!

                  Do not accuse someone without proof !!

                  I am with the evidence that these players use bot, the evidence is the videos.



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                    Talk is cheap.

                    My evidence does show I am not.
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