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    More bots found and staff dont ban these players or do something about, please hurry or players will stop playing and the sever will fall same as Cataclysm and stop with the same robotic answers seems that staff dont know the comands for ban inside the game lol stop depending on Softon for everything.

    "Thanks for reporting us.

    We will deliver the video to the dev team for checking purpose. If the player has illegal activity, we will have the sanction to him according to our policy.

    Best regards,

    ~DarkEden Ogirin Team."

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    Hello danrleyy***,

    Thanks for reporting us.

    For your information, we are Game Managers and we don't have the authorization to ban any user. Every illegal activities that we founded have to be reported to dev team for second phase investigation And if the dev team confirmed that there's illegal activities, they will have the sanction to them according to GamenGame and Softon policy. We will deliver the case to the dev team for the investigation.

    ~DarkEden Origin Team
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      how many months to softon decides if its BOT or NOT?