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Such a pity, change location please.

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  • Such a pity, change location please.

    Just got it installed!

    I entered the game and fixed all the keys and interface settings etc,
    Gotta say i love the design, everything is very well made, especially the achievements where the Event tab dosen't count torwards the total progress bar.
    Which means anyone could get 100% that starts today, this is very important for Completionist such as myself.

    I would really enjoy this game and spend years on it without question.

    Once i went out from the city and began to hit the first monster, i felt the dsync, and that was like a knife stabbing your back, its literally 1 sec delay in every action you do, charging, rolling etc.
    I believe most people here are from europe and suffer tremendously due to this lag, why on earth did you guys place the server at the US while the game takes place in EU.

    Move it to Frankfurt and everyone will most likely receive 30-60ms which will change everything.
    I'll just note this game, and might come back later. As for now its not even playable, and i can assure you, i'm using 250mbit fiber and have about 30ms in every game which holds their servers within the EU, just pointing that out so you don't think its my equipment.

    Either way, excellent game, but poor choice for location.
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    Well maybe if there were more people playing overall they might have an EU server. As it stands though, there aren't many people playing the game period, from EU or NA. If they started rolling out regular content expansions then sure it would make sense.
    Creating an EU (or any other region) server before they get that sorted out would only kill it faster.


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      Man all EU players have left the game. They just want to their own server. Dev team also left.

      By the way where is the announcement about the EU server? Don't fool people pls.


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        Why would they open a new server? Without regular content releases its pointless.