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Patch Notes - Jan. 15, 2019

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  • Patch Notes - Jan. 15, 2019

    Greetings Soulkeeper,

    The server maintenance has completed and you are now able to log on to the game. Please refer to the list of contents below for more information.


    Now the Territory Wars begin!
    Territory Wars : PvP system splits Rimen, Laterna, Redvale, and Bernicia into territories over which guilds can fight.The guild that becomes the lord of the territory receives part of the collected taxes in all of Friggard, and also some of the funds that come from dungeons in their territory.

    - Time: Start every Sunday @21:00 PST
    - Duration: 30 minutes

    ■ Registration Period: Sunday @21:30 ~ Saturday @23:00 PST
    ■ Method: The Guild Master or the Vice Master can apply with a Territory
    Manager NPC in each region.
    ■ Requirements: Guilds with 10 or more members
    ■ Rules and Rewards: Refer to the Territory Wars Guide (

    [Bug Fixes]

    ■ Fixed the issue where the Legendary gear's Materials are not obtained during the scheduled time.
    ■ Fixed the issue where all guild members which cleared 'Spiros' at first in-a-week did not receive Spirit Stones as the time to clear the Spiros.


    ■ The description about Warrior - Protector skills 'Protective Call' and 'Provoke' have been edited.
    ■ The description about Archer - Bard skill 'Conclusion' has been edited.
    ■ The description about Rogue - Assasin skill 'Ghastly Gulp - Peace' has been edited.


    ■ Valhalla Entry Time on Tuesday has been adjusted.
    (Due to a time conflict between Valhalla and Regular Maintenance)
    Before: Tue 18:00~19:00 PST
    After: Tue 21:00~22:00 PST
    ※ This is applied as of today.

    [New Items]

    ■ New items have been added in the Cash Shop as listed below.
    ※ Period of sale: 1/16 @10 a.m. ~ 2/13 @9:59 a.m. PST

    ★Pori's Magic Lamp I

    ■ Price: 2,000 SoulGem
    ■ Randomly gives you one of the following items:
    - Lilin Costume Box
    - Lilin Weapon Costume Box
    - Nightmare Stallion
    - Training Set Box
    - Soul Expert Proficiency Certificate [1000]
    - Hourglass - 30 Days
    - Glacial Mammoth
    - Wolf Pet Box - 30 Days [Normal]
    - Jack of All Trades
    - Beauty Shop Ticket
    - Levina's Blessing - 7 Days
    - Superior Key x5
    - Chef Proficiency Certificate [1000]
    - Levina's Blessing - 24Hours
    - Superior Key x2
    - 16 Slot Bag
    - Njord's Blessing x3
    - Edun's Blessing x3
    - Hero's Blessing x3

    ★Beginner's Pack

    ■ Price: 6,000 SoulGem
    ■ Contains all of the following items:
    - Novice Soulkeeper Ring x2
    - Novice Soulkeeper's Gear Pack
    - 12 Slot Bag
    - Friggard's Blessing - 2Hours x3
    - Njord's Blessing x3
    - Edun's Blessing x3
    - Server Loudspeaker x5
    - Enhancement Stone x3

    Thank you for your support and understanding.
    EOS Team