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  • Read this please GM.

    Hello, I am here to make grades recommendations for the improvement of the game, one of them would be to put an item in the game, or cash, or to drops an item that could raise the level of characters from 10 to 70, since the game just starts the 70, and as it has a lot of new people, so the game could have more DG, Raid, PVP frequently, another item that could be implemented would be an item that allows us to change base class (EX: Paladin to Guardian), I think it would also make the game much more exciting and fun, and lastly we need a very good event for the "TANK" Classes of the game, to stimulate the staff to use the class as well, because the class is scarce in the game, the base class swap item in the game would already help to look more TANK.

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    Hi, this is EOS Team.
    Thanks for your suggestions. We will take it into consideration.


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      Thank you so much. Cya.