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[Event] Front of Greed: Soldier of Week

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  • [Event] Front of Greed: Soldier of Week

    Greetings, soldiers!
    Welcome to ‘Front of Greed.’

    This battlefield is ruthless but it will be the best opportunity to test your skills.
    I have no doubt that you will survive and finally be the top soldiers.
    Now, show me your best skills.
    Of course, the best soldiers will be rewarded.

    [How to Participate]
    Content: Rewards for the Top 10 players of the week who reached the highest level
    Rewards: AK-47 (30 days) / Beretta (30 days)
    Period: 10/7 - 11/4 (UTC+2)

    Good luck, soldiers!

    - FOG Team -
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