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  • [Recipe] The Game Of Greed

    aka "The Greedy Baron Game"

    This was the first time I participated in a ritual, and I was a bit surprised that it wasn't to be found on the internet yet. It was only a few days ago that I was dared into playing this weird game, so I remember the details quite well. This game will summon an entity I call “The Baron”, an allusion to so-called robber barons. All recommendations that apply to other summoning rites also apply here (do not provoke it, do not assume it has left afterwards,…) Note that a dare is just about the only reason I played this game even though it’s relatively safe (notice that word “relatively”), since there is basically no pay-off to winning.

    Player(s): 1

    Requirements: • 1 large but shallow bowl • Tap water • A small number of valuable trinkets (more on that below) • 2 pillows • 1 pack of candles • Matches or a lighter • 1 opaque bag, pot or other container • Salt • 1 “symbol of scarcity” for each door or room adjacent to your entrance hall. The symbols of scarcity are used to “convince” the entity you are going to summon that you are poor. As such, there is no clear-cut definition as to what these objects should be. Something that is broken or worn seems to work quite well, but it can also be an empty container or the like. I used a tattered dirty towel, an empty purse and a wooden fork (wood is apparently considered a “poor man’s metal”). I recommend using three different items lest the entity sees through the trick.

    The rules to the valuable objects though, are more restrictive. These can be gems or objects made of precious metals, but since you probably don’t have many of those lying around and you risk losing them, I think it’s best to just use monetary coins. Their value doesn’t really seem to matter, and you can even use coins that are no longer in currency (such as French francs). Whatever you pick, DO NOT USE JEWELRY. Ever. In fact, keep any pieces of jewelry out of the room (out of the house if at all possible) and make absolutely sure you’re not wearing any yourself. As for the number, make sure you can quickly count them. I wouldn’t use more than 10, but no fewer than 3 either. I used 7 coins because that’s my lucky number. Never use exactly 4 or 13. Notes will not make The Baron appear. Also, this goes without saying but…they have to be valuable in the economical sense of the word. Sentimental value only wastes the Baron’s time, and you don’t want that…

    1. Make sure the room is deprived of all valuables or all items that might symbolize wealth (fancy vases, golden objects…).
    2. Begin at night.
    3. Fill the bowl with tap water and place it on the floor.
    4. Open all doors leading to the entrance hall of your house (or the first room you enter when opening the front door). This includes the front door.
    5. Make sure all other doors in the house are closed and that any light source in those rooms is dimmed. Spread out a line of salt in front of each of these doorways.
    6. Place the symbols of scarcity in the center of all doorways leading to the entrance hall. They must not be moved at any point during the ritual.
    7. Light a number of candles near the bowl. The number or placement aren’t as important as in some other rituals: it only signals the entity where the game will be taking place. Four candles surrounding the bowl should work well.
    8. Place the pillows on either side of the bowl, facing each other. If the room has a wall where something that may bring you luck has been positioned (a family photo, a religious symbol, etc.), place one pillow near that wall: that will be your seat. Mind the candles!
    9. Be seated on one of the pillows. Place the empty container in front of you. Drop the coins in the bowl.
    10. Wait.

    The Main Event:
    1. The game will begin when you feel a sudden chill and/or see a weak ripple in the water. At this point, abort the ritual if:
      • you feel a chill but no ripple follows it
      • the candles are blown out
      • the symbols of scarcity are moved
      • the sensations you are looking for are particularly powerful (for example, the ripples being so powerful they make the water spill) More about aborting the ritual in a later section. If none of this happens, continue to the next and most difficult step.
    2. Wait until the ripples grow stronger. They should at least reach the edge of the bowl. When this happens, quickly check if all the coins you placed in the bowl are still there. If they are, grab a coin as quickly as you can and place it in the empty container. NEVER take more than one coin at a time. Repeat this process until all the coins are gone. Sounds easy enough? This is where it gets complicated…

    The Baron will also try to collect as many coins as possible. I have not experienced this myself, but I’ve been told that you will not see coins floating in the air. Rather, it will seem like they were never there to begin with. It’s hard to explain. One moment you look at the bowl and see 7 coins, then you blink or your attention briefly fades, and the next moment there are only 6 left.

    While this is a game and you should always try to win out of respect for your opponent, the best outcomes for you are to either grab all the coins before the Baron does, or to let the Baron grab all the coins first . If you manage to finish the game with some coins in your container, the Baron will just harass you into playing again until he can win them off you...in the best-case scenario. Strangely, he will not do this if you manage to keep all of them.

    The End:
    1. Flip the bowl upside-down (yes, your floor will get wet, deal with it). ONLY do this when you have encountered a red flag detailed before, or when all the coins are gone. I cannot stress this enough: do NOT do this in the midst of the game in the hope of keeping your remaining coins. You wouldn’t flip the table during a game of chess either, and the Baron does not take kindly to cheating (see below).
    2. Turn on the lights and snuff out the candles, but do not close the front door just yet.
    3. Check your symbols of scarcity as well as your container. If you have fewer coins than you started with (>0) OR if your symbols of scarcity have moved or vanished, you are to purify those rooms immediately. In the latter case, you may already be too late in preventing those rooms from getting ransacked.
    4. Even if you or the Baron possess all coins, purify the entrance hall the next day.

    The Baron searching your house for riches is probably the biggest real threat that can rear its head during this ritual. He won’t exactly be subtle about it. That being said, he will not harm you unless you provoke him or cheat. He will consider the following as cheating: • Using a container that’s anything but completely empty • Having another person in the room (they CAN be present somewhere else in the house, as was the case with me) • Using toy money or non-monetary coins • Tampering with the coins in any other way • Grabbing multiple coins at the same time • Having both of your hands in the bowl at the same time • Filling the bowl with salt water or keeping salt on your person • Keeping a hand behind your back or in your pocket • Addressing him (it is recommended not to speak at all until after you’ve turned on the lights) Do NOT do any of these things. Keep in mind that just sitting there and letting the Baron win will make you look weak. There’s no telling what kind of unwanted attention such an attitude may draw… Carrying a lucky charm is not considered cheating but, as I’ve mentioned before, DO NOT wear jewelry. Not sure if watches or piercings count, but it’s really better to be safe than sorry in these circumstances, isn’t it?

    Even though I won, I would not play this again even if the entity would still accept. There’s simply nothing to gain what I didn’t already have, and there's always a risk of reeling in something undesirable. If you are going to play it though, good luck and stay stafe.