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  • [LodossWar] Game Service Termination Notice

    Hello, heroes of Lodoss Islands.

    We are sorry to deliver sad news to you.

    With great regret, we must inform you that Record of Lodoss War Online service will be terminated from October 31st.

    It has been over two years since Record of Lodoss War Online began its service in April 2017.
    We would like to sincerely apologize to everyone who has supported the game.
    Thank you for showing love and supporting the game for such a long time.

    [Service Termination Details]

    1. Termination Schedule

    1) September 30th 2019 05:00AM(UTC)

    - In-game and Web Cash Point Purchase will become unavailable.
    - Any unused Cash Point or Gold Coin can still be used at Coin Shop.

    2) October 31st 2019 05:00AM(UTC)

    - Game service will be terminated.
    - LodossWar homepage(http://lodoss.gamengame.com/) will be terminated.

    We would like to thank you again for all the support and love you provided us.
    Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Lodoss War Online.