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[Announcement] EOS SEA Server is Open!

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  • [Announcement] EOS SEA Server is Open!

    A GENUINE Classic MMORPG has returned!

    EOS, a classic MMORPG developed and published by Blue Potion Games, that features a variety of dungeon and raid contents as well as
    hardcore PvP games with dynamic combat system that can be played with up to 30 Players.

    There are 7 unique classes and 14 Sub Classes in gamed and unique feature is there is no healer class in EOS.
    Both PvP area and NON-PvP area are available in Game.
    There is a lot of dungeon system for hardcore playing such as Solo, Party, Raid and Infinity.

    Eos world Map consists of two large continents called NIKEA and KURT, three cities, and small villages. Players can explore the big world with variety in-game contents.