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Game&Game New Year’s Event winner announcement!

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  • Game&Game New Year’s Event winner announcement!

    Today, we will gladly announce total 21 winners for ‘Game&Game New Year’s Event’.
    Please find your name below by using ‘Ctrl + F’, and give your personal details(Full name, Postal Address(English) with ZIP CODE, Contact Number, E-mail Address)
    through Facebook message until 16th of January, 2017.
    Ex) Name: Amanda Lee
    Address: 502 Korea Apt, 703 Yeongdong Rd, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea 23517(Zip Code).
    Contact: +82 010-9152-35xx
    (If you don’t respond to it for 2 weeks, winner announcement will be cancelled automatically.)
    Again, thank you for all of participants!!

    @1st - No.1 / 2nd - No.2~11 / 3rd - No.12~21

    @Name list
    No. ID Name E-mail Address Contact information
    1 Pickme Publish        
    2 Mazino Urek        
    3 Don Chris        
    4 Ronnie Zape        
    5 Radikal Blackhatscom        
    6 Amaya Ouster        
    7 Karen Lin        
    8 Benny Talde Alcantara        
    9 Jonathan Ranay Hermo        
    10 Amirul Sahid        
    11 Clara Moly        
    12 Noer Hackiem        
    13 Ward Marco        
    14 Vargas Aline        
    15 Diego Omar C        
    16 John Joseph Calingo        
    17 Ángel Tapia Pizarro        
    18 Andy Pramana Nasution        
    19 Wira Prasetiyo        
    20 Gatot Pujo Nugroho        
    21 Bang Fai Namanya        
    Congratulations to you all winners!
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