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[Completed] Server Maintenance 11.07.2017, UTC 07:00, PDT 00 :00

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  • [Completed] Server Maintenance 11.07.2017, UTC 07:00, PDT 00 :00

    Hello everybody!

    This week, we have a lot of changes for you! At first, we have improved the Main User Interface! It should be now way easier to navigate your Inventory.

    In addition to that, we have adjusted weapon behaivor quite a bit! Now gameplay should be way less random. Please tell us, what you think about this change!

    We will be also adding 2 new USA Variants of the rare weapons: M4A1 Raptor and L115A3 Precision, and a new Summer Character Variant! They will be only available for a limited time!

    We want to remind you, that we have a support system, which you can find here: https://support.los-game.com/
    You can report bugs and other problems there!

    New Content

    New Content

    Click image for larger version

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    • Added M4A1 Raptor and L115A3 Precision USA Variants

    Click image for larger version

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    • Added Bikini Version of Samantha Skin

    • Improved Main Menu User Interface:
      1. Rearranged Order of the Buttons in the Navigation Bar
      2. Added "Abilities" Button in the Navigation Bar
      3. Added "Firing Range" Button, that directly links players to the Firing Range
      4. The Tuning Button now directs players to the Weapon Inventory
      5. The Inventory Button now directs players to the Item Inventory
      6. The Equipment Button now directs players to the Character Choice/Customization Screen
      7. Added "Mini-Buttons", that link to the equipment/tuning screen of the loadout selected
    • The Inbox will now be automatically opened after logging in the first time into the game
    • Added system message informing players about the automatic host change
    • The Area Icon in Domination will now be transparent
    Balancing Adjustments
    • Lowered AR spread by ~50%
    • Lowered SMG spread by ~50%
    • Lowered MG spread by 20%
    • Increased AR Recoil by ~10%
    • Reduced movement inaccuracy for PSL, M14 and Dragunov
    • Fixed an issue, that caused the Edit Room Wheel to not disappear, when a user lost room master because of timeout
    • Fixed UI Main Guide Button being broken for the main menu screen