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[Completed]Server Maintenance 04.08.2017, UTC 07:00, PDT 00 :00

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  • [Completed]Server Maintenance 04.08.2017, UTC 07:00, PDT 00 :00

    This week, we have a quick server maintenance, but it will be having some of the biggest changes to this date!

    We will be removing the rental system, and lowering weapon prices quite a bit! It should now be easier for you to get the weapon you want for permanent! In addition to that, gem prices of weapons will be lowered across the board. This was a much-requested change, and after consideration, we have decided to implement it.

    And to top it off, new players will now be receiving a lot more items after registering! 100.000 GP and 30 days versions of the weapons are waiting for you, so check it out now!

    We hope, that you will enjoy all the changes!

    We want to remind you, that we have a support system, which you can find here: https://support.los-game.com/
    You can report bugs and other problems there!

    Shop Changes
    • Weapons are now only purchasable for permanent
    • Lowered base weapon prices to current sale prices
    • Weapon gem price lowered by 30%

    • Generous Welcome Package Content for new users!