Hi, Guys, I have an exciting news to share.

We are bringing a new Matchmaking system. The new system is quite flexible and I hope you guys will like it. Please let me describe how it works.

Old System: You have to click on "Start Matchmaking" and wait until a match is found. While waiting, you cannot do anything other than just waiting.

New System: You can click on "Start Matchmaking" and it will try to find a match for you in the background. You may do other things, including playing custom games. When it finds a match, it will notify you. You can accept the invitation and can start the match when enough people accept the match.
If not enough people accept the match, you will put back into the queue trying to search the next match.

Other notes:

* Matchmaking is trying to find the best balance. So if you are new players, matchmaking will more likely find a balanced match. So try to take an advantage of it.

* You will earn more GPs playing a game through Matchmaking.

* Matchmaking is level-locked at Level 1. We are trying to open it so that more players can participate but it can change depends on the user feedback.

* There is JoinBonus. If you accept faster than others, you will slightly more bonus. So try to accept fast when you see the invitation notification.

Future plans: We are making "Individual Ladder" Matchmaking first. After stabilization, we will make "Party Invitation" and "Clan Ladders" in the near future. So please stay tuned.

Thank you very much and we really appreciate your support.