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[Announcement] Server Maintenance 08.03.2018, UTC 09:00, PDT 01:00

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  • [Announcement] Server Maintenance 08.03.2018, UTC 09:00, PDT 01:00

    Hi, Guys, We hope you guys enjoy playing Free-Weapon-For-All mode.
    As we mentioned, it's an experimental mode and we are still getting user feedback how we should improve upon.
    So far, the feedback is both good and bad. We understand that your expectation was much greater than we expected. Having both TPS and FPS in a single mode have quite a bit of issues we need to solve. On top of that the loadout system completely changed under the hood to make it dynamic from static. We think it's little too early to call it a quit and we decide to give more life and see where it can lead us. There are still many bugs and we would like to fix bugs before adding more features and we hope that you have some more patience until it becomes more solid.
    Thank you very much for your support.

    Here is the list of changes/bugs fixes for this week's patch.

    * Fixed Airdrop destruction particle effect artifacts.
    * 3P aiming made more accurate. It was difficult to accurately shoot the target.
    * Shooting from behind from a corner in 3P made to land on the target closer to 1P shooting. You cannot hide in the corner and shoot anymore.
    * Quickthow bug. Sometimes the player still holds the Support weapon after a Quickthrow.
    * Picking up a weapon when in barehand will still remain in barehand instead of switching the picked up weapon.
    * Allows more Airdrop.
    * Increased the chance of getting the primary weapons in the Airdrop
    * Lifespan of initially dropped weapon will remain permanent. No auto disappear.
    * Lifespan of dropped weapon is 120 seconds.
    * Lifespan of Airdrop is 240 seconds.
    * 3P weapon will fires from the actual weapon muzzle.
    * 1P Melee will target the center. The target was little off center before.
    * Ammo count was showing wrong info when initially spawned.

    * Facebook login fixed.
    * Default SnD round is now 7 instead of 12.