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[Announcement] Server Maintenance 30.04.2017, UTC 07:00, PDT 00:00

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  • [Announcement] Server Maintenance 30.04.2017, UTC 07:00, PDT 00:00

    Hi, Guy! How was your week? Hope you guys had a good one.
    We are going to have a maintenance for this week soon.
    It's no secret that we are working on a new game mode and lots of things are changing underneath the surface.
    It's inevitable that it might have some inadvertent bugs but we are trying to fix it as you guys report. It's very important that the bug report has as much details as possible so that we can fix it faster.

    Here are the changes for this week.

    * New Contents
    - Special Force Helmet

    * Bug fixes:
    - Head and arms disappearing after "death-observation".
    - Spawning artifact where you see your own body momentarily.

    * Improvements:
    - Added a bridge and breakable windows in Grassy Coverup
    - Doors are now Double Swing doors in Grassy Coverup

    Lastly, yes, we are aware of the lack of server issues. We are thinking about how we can bring SEA server back. If users in SEA can help a little, we might be able to bring it back. We will try to share the idea on our Facebook group page for more detail later. Yeah, it's a similar situation for LATAM users and let's see what happens to SEA first and it works out well, we can try to do the same in LATAM.

    That's it for this week.

    Have a great week guys!