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[Announcement] Server Maintenance 06.09.2018, UTC 7:00, PDT 00:00

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  • [Announcement] Server Maintenance 06.09.2018, UTC 7:00, PDT 00:00

    • ADDED Battle Royale Mode
      - Battle Royale Mode is an WIP Open Beta release -

    UI Changes
    • Added Reworked Main Screen
    • Added Reworked Tuning-Screen
    • Added Reworked RandomBox Screen
    • Added Showroom, which can be found under Hideout -> Showroom
    • Added new Result Screen for Battle Royale
    • Changed Main Menu Music / Battle Music

    • FIXED: Damaging Armor of Friendly Players
    • FIXED: Dropping weapons before match start
    • FIXED: Dropping multiple Items on the same spot will remove previously dropped items
    • FIXED: Weapon sounds / Variant sounds
    • FIXED: Several spots on Savanna Flu, from which you could escape the map
    • FIXED: Pressing 'e' on ladders kills you instantly

    • Removed FWFA Mode
    • Added Support for Steam Profile Pictures!
    • Removed Facebook Integration
    • Several smaller performance improvements
    • Improved memory handling
    • Switched default weapon shop display to "list"

    We want to remind you, that we have a support system, which you can find here: https://support.los-game.com/
    You can report bugs and other problems there!

    Follow us on our Social Media Channels!:
    - Line of Sight Discord[discord.gg]
    - Line of Sight Facebook
    - Line of Sight Twitter
    - Line of Sight Support-Page [support.los-game.com]